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måndag, april 19, 2010

Swirlygirls Challenge April - Grunge

Detta är mitt bidrag till denna tävlingen.
Det som gällde var:
Ok ladies are you ready to get down and dirty!?! It's time to grunge up those layouts!! I really want to see some major distressing here friends.

My rules are pretty simple!

1) Must be new as of April 1st
2) Must be at least 50% Swirlydoos products
3) Must have at least 75% of the items used on it distressed or grunged up in some way
4) Please use Apr - M in your title and post your layout here and in the forum gallery.

OPTIONAL TWIST GETS YOU AN EXTRA VOTE: Stitching on the layout, either real or faux. Please list that you did the twist in your description and with your post to this thread.

Entries will be taken through April 30th. On May 1st & 2nd please send me your top 3 votes. I will try to update the first post if I can figure out how to do it correctly. DO NOT vote for yourself, because you will get a vote just for voting.

Ways to distress and grunge up your layout:

Thrash, Tear, Crumble, Rip, Ink, Paint, Mist, Fray, DESTROY, etc, etc, etc!

2 kommentarer:

Cindy Gay sa...

I love this and all the distressing.

teolinda sa...

jättesnyggt, Jannike!