What does "En alldeles vanlig scrappare" means?
The answer is " Just an ordinary scrapper" :-)

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Alla skisser här är designade av mig.
Du får gärna inspireras av dem i ditt skapande, men var snäll och länka till min blogg , www.rosjen .blogspot.com

Lämna gärna en kommentar och/eller maila mig så jag får se och inspireras av det du skapat!

Lycka till!


All Sketches below are designed by me. If you want to use any one of them in your creations please do so and link back to this page or to my blog address: www.rosjen .blogspot.com

Leave a comment and/or e-mail me a link to your artwork inspired by my sketches. I want to admire and enjoy your beautiful work!

Good Luck!