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söndag, juni 27, 2010

Swirlygirls- June Challenge: Buttons, Ribbons, and Stamps (Oh my!)

Detta gällde:
I don't know about you, but I have so many buttons, ribbon, and stamps, and I NEVER use them! I busted them out for this challenge, and I hope you will too!
My Challenge is to use buttons, ribbons, and stamps (oh my!) on your layout. You will create a new lo, using a min. of 5 buttons, 3 ribbons (any size, any fiber), at least one stamp, and anything else you want to add.

**TWIST** Use feathers!!

The rules:

(1) Must be as new as June 1st
(2) Use at least 50% Swirly stuff from kits or the store
(3) Use a minimum of 5 buttons, 3 ribbons/fibers, and 1 stamp
(4) Please title your lo with SGC June-R, post your lo here on the thread and also in the gallery, and be sure to share the love!

Entries will be excepted through June 30th. On July 1st-2nd, pm your top three favorites. Don't vote for yourself, you will get an extra vote for voting.....I'll announce our Winner on July 3rd. You will also get an extra vote for doing the twist- let me know if you did the twist when you pm your votes.

I did no twist, forgotten it! :-)

I have 5 buttons, 3 ribbons and two stamps.

Me and my dh was at a mansion for a love/ly weekend when we had our 25th aniversary.
This is me in bed with the Champagne/strawberry-breakfast.

Close ups:

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