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söndag, juni 27, 2010

Swirlydoos - June Round Robin

Trodde jag hade en vecka till på mig, men icke...*suck*
Så tyvärr blev det en riktigt snabbscrap, vilket inte är rättvist mot de andra, men, men, så blev det iallafall.
Det var en riktigt svår liftoff också, hade inga badbilder framkallade heller.

Detta gällde:
Okay now.... this is a different kind of challenge.... and this is how it works....

There will be 5 groups, 4 people in each group. Person #1 in each group will post a LO on the first due date... any shape, size, style.... as long as there are obvious Swirlydoo pieces in it.....
Now, Person #2 of each group will have a week to lift the #1 Person in their group.... and post their LO on the second due date.
Then Person #3 lifts person #2, and posts on the third due date....
And lastly Person #4 lifts the Person #3 of their group and posts their LO on the last due date....

Please post your LO's in the Gallery... and in this thread.... If you have trouble, just let me know, and I"ll help....

WEEK 1 PLAYERS: If you are a #1 you have a choice:... 1) either make a LO, completely original and submit that.... or 2)you can choose to lift a of any LO in the Swirlydoo's gallery. If you choose #2 option, you have to check in with me and tell me which one you picked BEFORE you start work on it....just to make sure no one else has picked that LO first..... we don't have all our #1's doing the lifting same LO.....

This month's twist... since this month is the begininning of summer.... and for me, summer means swimming..... if you use photos of a someone swimming in a pool, lake, ocean, you get an extra vote at the end......

My group no 5:
1. Sherri




Close ups:

Thank´s for the inspiration, ladies!

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