What does "En alldeles vanlig scrappare" means?
The answer is " Just an ordinary scrapper" :-)

måndag, mars 14, 2011

Lucky Shamrocks at Practical Scrappers

Tre dagar kvar till St Patricks day! Inspireras av lyckoklöver-layouts på Practical Scrappers!
Själv ÄLSKAR jag Irland!! Skulle kunna flytta dit i morgon!

"It´s still three days until St. Patrick's Day but in many places the celebrations have started early. Today we're sharing with you some fun Shamrock projects you'll love all the creative ways people created their shamrocks!"

2 kommentarer:

ann.ian sa...

Mycket fina LO speciellt "pusslet" mycket fräckt. Kram

Victoria sa...

gorgeous work