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onsdag, februari 16, 2011

Olika stilar!

Practical Scrappers har man i februari  tagit sig an att beskriva olika scrap-stilar.
Mycket intressant och vad tips man får! Missa inte detta!
Du kan klicka på de olika länkarna så hittar du till de olika stilarna.
Jag kommer fylla på här allt eftersom!

14 FEBRUARI  Today we're going to look at Artsy Style layouts
Uses ink, chalk, and paints
Creates unique backgrounds
Uses multiple patterned papers
Does not use a lot of measuring or straight lines
Bold & contrasting colors
Minimal white space

15 FEBRUARI Some of the characteristics you see in Sophisticated Style are
Accents & Embellishments that are dressed up beyond their original form
Lots of Embellishing
Sewing & Stitching
Handmade Embellishments making for a one of a kind layout
Multiple Fonts
Journaling Cards
Patterned Papers used as ribbons, pleating, and in flowers
Monochromatic Coloring
Rich Colors
Glitter & Bling
Uses lots of current trends
Paperfolding techniques
Här hittar du två av mina layouter:

16 FEBRUARI Some of the characteristics you see in Clean and Simple style:
Minimal embellishing
Minimal patterned papers
Minimal dimensional elements
Main focus is the pictures
Often includes multiple pictures
Pictures are set up in grids
All colors are found in this style
Products are used that make things easier i.e. border punches, embossing folders, letter stickers
Här är mitt bidrag:

17 FEBRUARI Some of the characteristics you see in Cutesy Style
Premade products like stickers and chipboard of characters
Bright, fun colors
Fun titles
Probably involves children or pets

18 FEBRUARI Some of the characteristics you see in Shabby Chic Style
Layers of ribbons and other accents
Muted colors and pastels
Clusters of embellishments
Light Colors paired with one dark color
Vintage items like keys, treasure boxes
Romantic feel
Dessa av mina var utvalda att vara med, bland många andra jättefina!

20 FEBRUARI Some of the characteristics you'll find in Graphic Style
Shapes without a lot of altering to them

White Space
Minimal Supplies
Straight, bold lines
Strong Colors
Items from the page pop at you, can have a digital feel
Uses a lot of basic art elements to create a detailed project

21 FEBRUARI Some of the characteristics found in whimsical style
Bright, playful colors

Creating a scene on your layout
Fun fonts
Using fanciful products

22 FEBRUARI Some characteristics of Grungy Style

Blacks, Browns, Oranges, Grays or Deep Autumn Colors

Torn paper
Old book or music paper
Pirate themed embellishments
Textured papers
Dark ink distressing
Slanted placement of pictures and papers
Little or no measuring or paper trimming required

Min favoritstil! Och dessa var med i bloggen:

Uses a wide range of tools including punches, scissors

Uses some embellishments but not a lot
Lots of solid colors or monochromatic papers
Uses both cardstock and patterned paper
Die Cuts
Letter Stickers
Not extremely trendy but not devoid of trends either
Pictures are the focus
Any color goes

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