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söndag, november 09, 2008

**FairieLand ATC Swap**

Jag är med i en ATC-swap på SB. Det ska bli så kul!! Jag är så sugen på att göra ATC igen. Jag älskar att göra vintage-ATC, utmanar mig själv att delta i denna älv-swappen.

Reglerna är dessa;
The cards are 2 1/2 by 3 1/2 in size.
You must embellish each card at least once(brads, ribbon, fiber, etc.) Flat stickers are not considered an embellishment. If you have flat stickers, then add another embellishment as well.
Your card must be made of cardstock so that it is not flimsy.
Make sure and put your name and screen name on the back of each card. Date!
They do not all have to be alike.

Det finns sju grupper man kan delta i;
1.Soft and Sweet
2. A Little Bit Naughty
3.Oh NO Bad Girl Here (come on we know u have a bad girl in you too)
4. White and Fair (color of hair or clothes)Can be blonde hair also!
5. Striking and Dark(color of hair or clothes)
6.Butterfly Fairie(has to have butterfly wings)
7.(Mystery) free for all ** YOu sign up,u don't know yet, what kind of fairie or fairie friend you will be doing,I will pm u 2 choices you can do,and then u pick one,then you in turn will either keep the ones you got or swap them with another person in the group. You can also take another person in this groups choice(S)by a one time steal! There will be a dateline!
Then you can Keep it a secret,or add your own mystery to it!

Jag har anmält mig till de som är i tjock text.

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